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Supported Features:
GRID Image menu
Subscription InApp Purchase
GPS and Directions
Image Mosaic
Displays a grid of images with short transparent title. Each item is linked to a separate page. Create membership areas in your app. Users get access to view premium content only if they purchase a monthly subscription. Displays a location on an interactive map. Shows current location (GPS) and directions to destination. Create image thumbnails and preview images full screen with ability to slide and rotate.
Your Blog in your App
Push Notifications
HitzApps WebKitMenu feature
HitzApps Feedback feature
HitzApps Blog feature
HitzApps Push Notification app feature
A classic rounded corners list of menu items with icons. A configurable native form to send data like GPS Location(Lat|Long), date, time, photo, picture taken with camera. Include your mobile web page in your app. The page will load form your server. Push popup messages from website to all your users' devices.
BUTTON style menu
HitzApps Location Finder feature
HitzApps List of Locations feature
HitzApps RSS feature
HitzApps Blog feature
Displays your current location and location items near you on an interactive map. Displays a list of locations descending sorted by distance to your current locations. Converts your RSS feed into an easy to use mobile page. Each item links to a new page with full story. Configurable buttons. Change button style, color, icon and right side arrow images.
Menu Items
Interactive Wheel Menu
Action Item List
Send Emails with Attachments
Menu items with a left side image, long description text and right side arrow. Each item is linked to a separate page. An interactive wheel style menu with 8 slots. Each slot opens a separate page. Wheel image and click sound can be customized. Actions that can be taken with an inApp image. Create email message templates with your predefined subject and body. User modifies the message and sends it to addresses from his contact list.
LOGIN page
Calculator Page
Image Overlays
Restrict access to your pages with and username/password. Monitor application installs and usage. Easily implement your most complex formula to display a result based on user's input. Take a picture with camera and overlay it with funny images. Drag, Move, Zoom, Rotate and Apply. Then post on Facebook or Send By Mail.
Search app content
Customizable Greeting Cards
Stylish Stripes Menu
Large Icon Menu
All application content is reindexed. Searching by keywords will display a list of pages that contain the keyword you are looking for. Upload an image and create a customizable greeting card. User will put a custom message and send by email to his contacts or post on Facebook. Create a transparent style menu with a background image and small item icons. Large icon button menu.
Image Slideshow
Comment or Rate a page.
Image Previewer
Image Puzzle
Browse images with slide, auto-rotate images Portrait/Landscape. Login with Facebook to post a comment and rate the page content. Share the link on Facebook. Displays a band of image thumbnails. Preview image full screen and auto-rotate Portrait/Landscape. Upload an image and randomize it to create a puzzle. Lot of fun with funny images.
Push Notification Badges
HitzApps Podcast feature
HitzApps ePub feature
HitzApps inAppBrowser feature
HitzApps Push Notification feature
Add a link to your Podcast and play it in your app. Upload your book in e-pub format. Create a bookstore app and sell books with inAppPurchase. Navigate a website within your app. Application updates badge number depending on how many messages you send to your users.
inApp SMS
inApp Send Email
HitzApps Calendar feature
HitzApps SMS feature
HitzApps Mail feature
HitzApps Facebook feature
Create a calendar page. Create events, reminders. Predefine an SMS message for users to send to their contacts. Predefine an email message for users to send to their contacts. Publish your app in Newsstand (iOS 5).
Dynamic List Data
QR Codes
Shopping Cart
HitzApps Twitter feature
Create your own dynamic data. List it, group or link it to your phone, email, website. Share your app on Facebook. Share page content of Facebook. Login with Facebook account. Create and scan QR Codes. Create a shopping cart. Checkout with InApp Purchase or PayPal.
About info page
Touch Design
Memo game page
Image Cover
HitzApps Twitter feature
Set your company info (address, email, tel., etc.) in a custom page. Use Touch Design page to create your own images. Create your own memo game. Be a star, use your camera image to create a magazine cover.
Twitter Integration
YouTube Video
Yelp Integration
Http Live Streaming
HitzApps Twitter feature
Tweet and respond to tweets from your app. Embed YouTube Videos in your app and link to YouTube Channels. Find businesses, Post reviews and comments on Yelp from your app. Upload large videos. Stream them to your app via Http Live Streaming.
Signature Stamp
Write down and save your signature. Enables native features using web techniques. List of pages that users marked as their favorite. Create your polls and publish them on your app in less than 5 minutes.
Music Player
Native Code
Light up your device’s flash light to see what’s in the dark. Native and stylish audio player for iOS. Implement your own native Objective-C code. Allows users to place order from their mobile devices.


SharePoint Client


Magazine Store


Voice Record


Check In

Displays editable content from SharePoint server. Add, organize and sell your periodicals. Let users of your app share voice messages. Allows to mark user’s presence in a preset geographical location.
Photo Effect
Barcode Scanner
Allows taking a picture, add effects and share the result. Prompt users to scan QR codes at your sales point and offer discounts. Cumulative discount system. Scan a barcode and see the product information.

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